17 March, 2016

First documented envenomation from the medical important species Leiurus abdullahbayrami from Turkey

Michael Seiter and co-workers have recently published a case report involving the sting of the recently described species Leiurus abdullahbayrami Yağmur, Koç & Kunt, 2009 (Buthidae) from Turkey.This report is the first documented envenomation from this potential dangerous species.

Scorpion stings are very common in Turkey. Nevertheless, they are not well documented in the literature and were never reported for the recently described scorpion species Leiurus abdullahbayrami Yağmur, Koç & Kunt, 2009. Here, we report a case in which a 30-year-old male was stung by a L. abdullahbayrami scorpion in the field. He was directly brought to the emergency department of the local hospital. The symptomatic process was observed and documented. In this case, no antivenom was necessary; we hypothesize that the scorpion has used most of its venom in a previous incident (explained in further detail below) and was therefore not able to inject a normal dosage.

Seiter M, Koc H, Ullrich A, Yagmur EA. The case history of a toxic sting of a Leiurus abdullahbayrami scorpion in Turkey.  Arachnologische Mitteilungen. 2016;51:64-6. [Open Access]

Thanks to Alex Ullrich for sending me a copy of their article!

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