30 September, 2015

A revision of the North American genus Konetontli

Edmundo González-Santillán and Lorenzo Prendini have recently published a systematic revision of the North American syntropine vaejovid scorpions with a Subaculear Tubercle, Konetontli González-Santillán & Prendini, 2013 (Vaejovidae). Four new species are described from Mexico.

Konetontli ignes González-Santillán & Prendini, 2015*

Konetontli ilitchi González-Santillán & Prendini, 2015*

Konetontli juxtlahuaca González-Santillán & Prendini, 2015*

Konetontli migrus González-Santillán & Prendini, 2015*

In addition, Konetontli zihuatanejensis (Baldazo-Monsivaiz, 2003) is removed from synonymy with Konetontli acapulco (Armas and Martin-Frias, 2001) and reinstated as a valid species.

An identification key for the genus is presented.

The article also discuss the presence of a subaculear tubercle in vaejovid scorpions.

The Mexican vaejovid scorpion genus Konentontli Gonzalez-Santillan and Prendini, 2013, was created to accommodate five species united, among other characters, by a subaculear tubercle on the telson. Species of Konetontli are among the smallest vaejovid scorpions. Their very small size, cryptic coloration, and apparently seasonal surface activity may explain their rarity in collections and it is likely that more undescribed species await discovery. In the present contribution, we describe four new species (Konetontli ignes, sp. nov.; Konetontli ilitchi, sp. nov.; Konetontli juxtlahuaca, sp. nov.; Konetontli migrus, sp. nov.) and revalidate Konetontli zihuatanejensis (Baldazo-Monsivaiz, 2003), comb. nov., previously synonymized with Konetontli acapulco (Armas and Martı´n-Frı´as, 2001), raising to 10 the number of species in the genus; redescribe previously described species, including the first description of the female of Konetontli nayarit (Armas and Martin-Frias, 2001); and present new records, comprehensive distribution maps, and a key to the identification of the species.

González-Santillán E, Prendini L. Systematic Revision of the North American Syntropine Vaejovid Scorpions With a Subaculear Tubercle, Konetontli González-Santillán and Prendini, 2013. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. 2015 (397):1-78. [Open Access]

Thanks to Edmundo González-Santillán for sending me his article!

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