05 March, 2015

Two new species of Babycurus from Ethiopia

Frantisek Kovarik and co-workers have now published part II of their study of the scorpion fauna of Ethiopia (part I was about the genus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925). In the recent paper, the status of the genus Babycurus Karsch, 1886 (Buthidae) is presented. Two new species are described.

Babycurus dunlopi Kovarik, Lowe, Seiter, Pliskova & Stahlavsky, 2015
Babycurus sofomarensis Kovarik, Lowe, Seiter, Pliskova & Stahlavsky, 2015

In addition, Babycurus wituensis taramassoi Borelli, 1919 is raised to species status as Babycurus taramassoi Borelli, 1919.

The paper has several habitat photos for Babycurus in Ethiopia.

Two new species, Babycurus dunlopi sp. n. and B. sofomarensis sp. n. from Ethiopia, are described, compared with other species and fully illustrated with color photos of habitus and localities. B. subpunctatus Borelli, 1925 is recorded for the first time in Ethiopia, Somali Province. All data about the distribution of Babycurus Karsch, 1886 in Ethiopia including photos of all known Ethiopian localities of Babycurus are summarized. B. wituensis taramassoi Borelli, 1919 is raised back to species status as B. taramassoi Borelli, 1919.

Kovarik F, Lowe G, Seiter M, Pliskova J, Stahlavsky F. Scorpions of Ethiopia (Arachnida: Scorpiones). Part II. Genus Babycurus Karsch, 1886 (Buthidae), with description of two new species. Euscorpius. 2015 (196):1-31. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae

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