30 July, 2014

A new species of Vaejovis from Arizona, USA

Richard Ayrey is continuing his studies of the scorpion fauna of Arizona and has now described a new species of Vaejovis C. L. Koch, 1876 (Vaejovidae) from Arizona, USA.

Vaejovis grayae Ayrey, 2014

A new scorpion species, Vaejovis grayae sp. nov. is described and placed in the “vorhiesi” group of the genus Vaejovis. This small brown species is found near Yarnell, Arizona, USA. It appears most similar to V. trinityae Ayrey and V. crumpi Ayrey et Soleglad. It can be distinguished from the other members of the “vorhiesi” group by a unique combination of non-overlapping morphological characters and multilocus DNA data (Bryson et al., 2013). The pedipalp fixed finger has 6 ID denticles and the movable finger has 7, like most other northern Arizona “vorhiesi” group species. Another characteristic of this species is its unique Arizona chaparral habitat.

Ayrey RF. A new species of Vaejovis from chaparral habitat near Yarnell, Arizona (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae). Euscorpius. 2014 (188):1-13. [Free full text]

Family Vaejovidae

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