19 June, 2014

The World's smallest scorpion

Say hello to the smallest scorpion in the world, Microtityus minimus from the Dominican Republic. The scorpion seen in this pictures is actually an adult pregnant female. Photo: Dr. Rolando Teruel (C).

I'm happy to present the smallest scorpion in the world, recently described from the southernmost foothills of the Cordillera Central Mountains in the Dominican Republic by Kovarik & Teruel. The name of the new species is Microtityus minimus Kovarik & Teruel, 2014 (Buthidae). Mature adults in this species are usually not longer than 10 mm.

This species lives in subcoastal desert scrub on gypsum-sandy soil, at an elevation of 160–170 m. Collected specimens  were found hanging to the underside of small limestone rocks half-buried in the dry leaf litter of thorny shrubs and cacti, at the base of hills.

Scorpion enthusiasts are mostly interested in large size, potent venom etc., but incredible small species like this one is also very fascinating.

See original article (free full text) for more pictures of the new species and its habitat.

Thanks to Dr. Rolando Teruel for informing me about his interesting discovery and for sharing this great picture with me and the readers of The Scorpion Files!

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