08 May, 2014

More on the scorpion fauna of Algeria

Salah Eddine Sadine and co-workers have recently published a new paper on the scorpion fauna of Algeria. This time the report on taxa found in the Ghardaia region. Four species were detected.

This study concerns the census of scorpion’s fauna in a region of the Algerian Sahara. A random collection in the region of Ghardaia, during the twelve months of the year 2013, allowed us to collect a set of 214 individuals of scorpions. Based on morphological identification, four species have been surveyed: Androctonus amoreuxi, Androctonus australis, Androctonus bicolor and Buthacus arenicola, that all belong to the Buthidae family.

The paper is in French.

Sadine SE, Alioua Y, Kemassi A, Mebarki MT, Houtia A, Bissat S. Aperçu sur les scorpions de Ghardaïa (Algérie). Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology. 2014;1(1):12-7.[Free full text]

Thanks to Dr. Sadine for sending me this paper!

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