23 April, 2014

New Euscorpius species from Southern Turkey

A new species of Euscorpius has been discovered in southern Antalya.
After the research on the different Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Euscorpiidae) populations in Europe was intensified, new species have been popping up all over. In a recent paper, Gioele Tropea and co-workers describe a new species from the Antalya Province, in southern Turkey.

Euscorpius gocmeni Tropea, Yagmur & Yesilyurt, 2014

A new scorpion species, Euscorpius gocmeni sp. n., is described based on specimens collected from the Antalya Province (Akseki District) in southern Turkey. It is characterized by a high trichobothrial count (Pv = 11–13, et = 7–8, em = 4, and eb = 4), a high pectinal teeth count (Dp = 10–12 in males, 8–9 in females), medium-small size, and light to medium brown reddish color.

Tropea G, Yagmur EA, Yesilyurt F. A New Species of Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 from the Antalya Province, Southern Turkey (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae). Euscorpius. 2014 (184):1-13. [Free full text]

Thanks to Gioele Tropea for sending me their paper.

Family Euscorpiidae

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