19 December, 2013

A new Pseudouroctonus from Nevada, USA

A new species of Pseudouroctonus has been found in Spring Mountains in Nevada, USA.

In the last years there have been published several new species from isolated mountain areas in the USA. Amanda Tate and co-workers have now published a new species of Pseudouroctonus Stahnke, 1974 (Vaejovidae) from the Spring Mountains in Nevada, USA.

Pseudouroctonus peccatum Tate, Riddle, Soleglad & Graham, 2013

A new scorpion species is described from the Spring Mountain Range near Las Vegas, Nevada. The new species appears to be geographically isolated from other closely related species of Uroctonites Williams & Savary and Pseudouroctonus Stahnke. We tentatively place the new species in Pseudouroctonus and provide detailed descriptions and illustrations of type material. We compare the new species to 17 congeneric taxa, briefly discuss the taxonomic history of Pseudouroctonus, and provide DNA barcodes for two paratypes to assist ongoing research on the systematics of family Vaejovidae.

Tate A, Riddle R, Soleglad M, Graham M. Pseudouroctonus peccatum, a new scorpion from the Spring Mountains near "Sin City," Nevada (Scorpiones, Vaejovidae). ZooKeys. 2013;364:29-45. [Free full text]

Thanks to Matthew Graham for sending me this article!

Family Vaejovidae

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