10 June, 2013

Euscorpius avcii confirmed for Samos, Greece

Aristeidis Parmakelis and co-workers have studied the Euscorpius population on the Greek island of Samos and confirmed though morphological and DNA analysis that this population belongs to the recently described species Euscorpius avcii Tropea et al., 2012 (Euscorpiidae) from western Turkey.

Euscorpius avcii Tropea et al., 2012 has been recently described from Dilek Peninsula in western Anatolia (Turkey, Aydın Province). The population from Samos Island in eastern part of the Aegean Sea is found to match closely the Anatolian E. avcii, making it a new, rare species for the Greek fauna, confirmed by two DNA markers as well as morphology. Samos also shares with western Anatolia two other local recently described scorpion species, Iurus kinzelbachi and Neocalchas gruberi (family Iuridae).

Parmakelis A, Kotsakiozi P, Tropea G, Yağmur EA, Stathi I, Fet V, et al. DNA markers confirm presence of Euscorpius avcii Tropea et al., 2012 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) on Samos Island, Greece. Euscorpius. 2013 (161):1-6. [Free full text]

Thanks to Gioele Tropea for sending me this paper!

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