23 May, 2013

Three new Hadruroides species from Central Peru

Andrea Rossi has published three new species in the genus Hadruroides Pocock, 1893 (Caraboctonidae) from Central Peru.

Hadruroides adrianae Rossi, 2012
Hadruroides lourencoi Rossi, 2012
Hadruroides tongiorgii Rossi, 2012

The paper also has an identification key for Hadruroides in Peru.

Three new species of the neotropical genus Hadruroides POCOCK, 1893 are described from different habitats in central Peru. H. adrianae n. sp. comes from a xeric area around San Josè de Los Molinos, Ica province, in the Ica region. This is also the first record of this genus for that region. H. lourencoi n. sp. and H. tongiorgii n. sp. come from the Junín region, respectively from Tarma province, at very high altitude, and from the Andinian forest of Satipo province, at medium altitude. Only few specimens of Hadruroides are known from Junín and their identity was not clear. The total number of Peruvian species of Hadruroides is now raised to sixteen.

Rossi A. Three new species of the genus Hadruroides pocock, 1893 from central Peru (Scorpiones: Caraboctonidae). Onychium. 2012;9 (2011-2012):10-26.

Thanks to Dr. Rossi for sending me his paper!

Family Caraboctonidae

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