19 March, 2013

Fungal infection after a scorpion sting

Morteza Pouahmad and co-workers have recently published a case report presenting a patient that got a serious fungal infection (mucormycosis) after a scorpion sting. This is not a common complication from scorpion stings, but something we should be aware of.

Mucor is a fungus, which give rise to opportunistic infection in immunocompromised patients. We described a 55-year-old immunocompetent woman with cutaneous mucormycosis after scorpion sting. Mucormycosis may happen in patients with intact immunity and is not allocated only to patients with immune deficiency.

Pourahmad M, Sepidkar A, Farokhnia MH, Tadayon SM, Salehi H, Zabetian H. Mucormycosis after scorpion sting: case report. Mycoses. 2013 Mar 18 (Early view). [Subscription required for full text]

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