25 September, 2012

Redescription of Mesobuthus vesiculatus from Iran

Aysegül Karatas and Muhammed Mouradi Gharkheloo have recently published a redescription of Mesobuthus vesiculatus (Pocock, 1899) (Buthidae) from Iran.

The scorpion Mesobuthus vesiculatus (Pocock, 1899) was briefly described from northwestern Iran based on only one male with a picture indicating the dorsal habitus of the holotype; the author pointed out that it has a large and globular telson with a short aculeus. This species, with very distinct morphological features, is now redescribed based on new specimens (3 ♂♂, 3 ♀♀) collected from West Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan (Iran). Detailed figures and measurements are presented and the trichobotrial pattern and paraxial organ are illustrated for the first time. The morphological differences of M. vesiculatus from similar species M. caucasicus, M. eupeus, and Sassanidotus gracilis are discussed.

Karataş A, Gharkheloo MM. Redescription of Mesobuthus vesiculatus (Pocock, 1899) (Scorpiones: Buthidae) based on specimens from Iran. Turkish Journal of Zoology. 2012;36(5):576-84. [Free full text]

Family Buthidae

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