15 November, 2011

Scorpion diversity in the Sidi Ifni province in Morocco

Oulaid Touloun and Ali Boumezzough have studied the scorpion fauna of the province of Sidi Ifni in Morocco. Five species are reported, all endemic to Morocco.

The pre‐Saharan and Saharan regions of Morocco are rarely affected by inventory studies of scorpiofauna. Our investigations in the Sidi Ifni province has allowed to us to inventory five species of scorpions, all of them endemic from Morocco. The family Buthidae is represented by four species Androctonus mauritanicus (Pocock, 1902), Butheoloides (Butheoloides) littoralis Lourenço, Touloun & Boumezzough, 2011, Buthus elmoutaouakili Lourenço & Qi, 2006, Hottentota gentili (Pallary, 1924), that of Scorpionidae is represented by a single species Scorpio mogadorensis (Birula, 1910). This work has also helped to complete the distribution areas of some of these species.

Touloun O, Boumezzough A. Contribution a l'inventaire et la repartition des scorpions de la province de Sidi Ifni (Maroc). Poiretia. 2011(3):8-15. [Free fulltext]

Thanks to Dr. Touloun for sending me this paper!

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