22 March, 2011

A new Auyantepuia from Surinam

Wilson Lourenco has described a new species in the genus Auyantepuia Gonzalez-Sponga, 1978 (Chactidae) from Surinam last year, but didn't I learn about this paper until today.

Auyantepuia surinamensis Lourenco, 2010

The genus Auyantepuia has been synonymized with other genera by Soleglad & Fet, 2005. Lourenço & Qi (2007) have chosen not to accept this synonymization, and described the new species in Auyantepuia in 2007. The taxonomy of The Scorpion Files follows Soleglad & Fet (2005), but it is impossible for me to know where to put the new species. I have chosen to reinstate Auyantepuia in The Scorpion Files for this species and the one presented here until a new revision on the family Chactidae is published.

A new species, Auyantepuia surinamensis sp. n. (Chactidae), is described from a savannah-like formation, located in NW Albina, between Albina and Moengo in Marowijne, Suriname. The description of the new species confirms the pattern of distribution presented by the genus Auyantepuia, which is basically confined to the Guiano-Amazon regions. The new species represents a first ecological exception, because it was found in a savannah-like formation, whereas all other species have been described from forested formations.

Lourenco WR, Duhem B. A new species of Auyantepuia Gonzalez-Sponga, 1978 (Scorpiones, Chactidae) from Suriname. Entomol Mitt Zool Mus Hamburg. 2010 Jun;15(182):137-45.

Family Chactidae

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