10 February, 2011

New papers on two Mexican scorpions

Two new papers have been published on the distribution and taxonomy of the Mexican species Centruroides tecomanus Hoffmann, 1932 (Buthidae) and Vaejovis pusillus Pocock, 1898 (Vaejovidae).

The papers are written in Spanish and unfortunately lack English abstracts.

Miranda-Lopez EP, Ponce-Saavedra J, Francke OF. Situacion taxonomica y distribucion actual de Vaejovis pusillus Pocock (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae). Ciencia Nicolaita. 2010(52):56-62.

Quijano-Ravell AF, Ponce-Saavedra J, Francke O, Villasenor-Ramos MA. Nuevos registros y distribucion actualizada de Centruroides tecomanus Hoffmann, 1932 (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Ciencia Nicolaita. 2010(52):179-89.

Thanks to Oscar Francke for sending me these papers!

Family Buthidae
Family Vaejovidae

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