19 January, 2011

A new species of Compsobuthus from Pakistan

Kovarik & Ahmed have recently published a new species of Compsobuthus (Buthidae) from Pakistan:

Compsobuthus sindicus Kovarik & Ahmed, 2011

Compsobuthus sindicus sp. n. of the werneri group is described from Pakistan, Sind Province, near the border with India. It is characterized chiefly by densely granulated carapace mesosoma, metasoma, telson, and femur and patella of pedipalps; the first to fourth metasomal segments bear 10 carinae. C. sindicus sp. n. is closest to C. rugosulus (Pocock, 1900) from India and Pakistan, from which it differs chiefly in having the first metasomal segment approximately as wide as long.

Kovarik F, Ahmed Z. Compsobuthus sindicus sp. n. from Pakistan (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2011(108):1-3. [Free fulltext]

Family Buthidae

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