12 November, 2010

Review on Teuthraustes and a new species

Lourenco & Duhem have published an discussion on the biogeography of the South American genus Teuthraustes Simon, 1878 (Chactidae). In addition, a new species is described from Brazil:

Teuthraustes braziliensis Lourenco & Duhem, 2010

A new species of scorpion, Teuthraustes braziliensis sp. n. (Scorpiones, Chactidae), is described from the State of Amazonas, Brazil. This is the second species of the genus to be collected in the lowlands of SouthAmerica, and the third record of a scorpion of the genus Teuthraustes to be recorded from Brazilian Amazonia. The total number of species of Teuthraustes is now raised to 21. The patterns of distribution of the genus are commented upon, and its geographical distribution is also enlarged.

Lourenço WR, Duhem B. The geographical pattern of distribution of the genus Teuthraustes Simon (Scorpiones, Chactidae) in South America and description of a new species. Comptes Rendus - Biologies. 2010;In Press. DOI:10.1016/j.crvi.2010.09.005. [Subscription required for fulltext]

Family Chactidae

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