13 August, 2010

First report of Centruroides tapachulaensis from Guatemala

Luis de Armas and co-workers have recently published the first finding of Centruroides tapachulaensis (Buthidae) from Guatemala.

Centrureides tapachulaensis Hoffmann, 1932. previously known from the Mexican State of Chiapas, is recorded for the first time from Guatemala. The new records are from the southern departments of San Marcos, Solola, Suchitepéquez, Escuintla, El Progreso, Guatemala and Santa Rosa. new find raises to six the number of Centruroldes species known from Guatemala, for whose identification a dichotomic key is given.

de Armas LF, Trujillo RE, Viquez C, Agreda EO. Primer registro de Centruroides tapachulaensis Hoffmann, 1932 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) para Guatemala. Boletin Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa. 2010(46):261-6.

Family Buthidae

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