30 July, 2010

A new Razianus from China

A new species in the genus Razianus Farzanpay, 1987 (Buthidae) has been described in a recent paper by Wilson Lourenco, Dong Sun and the late Ming-Sheng Zhu.

Razianus xinjianganus Lourenco, Sun & Zhu, 2010

This is the first record of Razianus in China.

Razianus xinjianganus sp . nov. , a new record genus and new species of buthid scorpion from China is described on the basis of one female collected in the Kaxgar of Xinjiang. The new species shows affinities with the genera Compsobuthus Vachon , 1949 , Sassanidotus Farzanpay , 1987 and Razianus. Several characteristics , however, place it closer to Razianus , consequently it is our decision to include it in t his last genus. The specimen is part of t he material collected or obtained by t he late Prof . Clas Naumann during the 1970s.

Lourenco WR, Sun D, Zhu M-S. Razianus xinjianganus sp. nov.: A new record genus and new species of (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from China. Journal of Hebei University (Natural Science Edition). 2010;30(3):307-18.

Thanks to professor Wilson Lourenco for sending me this paper!

Family Buthidae

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