26 February, 2010

A new Chaerilus from the Himalayas (Nepal)

Lourenco & Duhem have described a new species of Chaerilus (Chaerilidae) from Nepal:

Chaerilus annapurna Lourenco & Duhem, 2010

The article also discuss the status of the different Chaerilus species reported from the Himalaya region.

A new species is described belonging to the genus Chaerilus Simon, 1877. Chaerilus annapurnaChaerilus truncatus Karsch, 1879, originally described from an imprecise locality in Himalaya. This species has recently been discussed by several authors: nevertheless, it has the subject of misidentification. sp. n. was discovered in the high plateaux of the Himalayas in Central-Western Nepal. For comparative purposes a precise re-diagnosis is proposed for

Lourenco WR, Duhem B. The genus Chaerilus Simon, 1877 (Scorpiones, Chaerilidae) in the Himalayas and description of a new species. ZooKeys. 2010;37:13-25. [Free fultext]

Family Chaerilidae

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