10 November, 2009

The genus Vachoniochactas and the description of a new species

Wilson Lourenco and Bernard Duhem are discussing the genus Vachoniochactas in the Guyana region of South America in a forthcoming paper in the journal Comptes Rendus Biologies. They also describe a new species in the genus in the a border area of Brazil, Gyuana and Venezuela.

Vanchoniochactas roraima Lourenco & Duhem, 2009 (Chactidae)

A new species, Vachoniochactas roraima sp. n. (Chactidae) is described from Mount Roraima, a site located on the borders of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. The description of the new species brings further evidence to the biogeographic pattern of distribution presented by the genus Vachoniochactas, as an endemic element to the Tepuys formations of South America.

Lourenço WR, Duhem B. The genus Vachoniochactas González-Sponga (Scorpiones, Chactidae), a model of relictual distribution in past refugia of the Guayana region of South America. Comptes Rendus Biologies. 2009 (In Press). DOI:10.1016/j.crvi.2009.09.006. [Subscription required for fulltext]

Family Chactidae

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