15 October, 2009

Scorpion holliday in Crete (Greece)

I spent last week on holliday on the wonderful island of Crete (Greece). Even though this was a sun and relax holiday from the cold and dark Norwegian autumn, I naturally had to turn a stone or two to look for scorpions :))

You can find three species in Crete: Euscorpius carpathicus candiota (Euscorpiidae - the taxonomic status for the Crete population is not yet resolved, but it is possible that this taxa will get species status in the future), Mesobuthus gibbosus (Buthidae) and Iurus dufoureius dufoureius (Iuridae). I've previously found all three species on the island, but on this trip I only found Euscorpius carpathicus candiota in the western part of the island.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip:

Scorpion Hunter jr. My seven old year son Morten has found his first Euscorpius on his own. Proud dad taking the picture! Foto: Jan Ove Rein, The Scorpion Files (C).

Close up of Euscorpius carpathicus candiota from Crete (Greece). Scorpions were commonly found under stones of different sizes, often clining to the underside of the stones. This scorpion shared the stone with a milipede. Foto: Jan Ove Rein, The Scorpion Files (C).

A typical Euscorpius habitat in western Crete (somewhat humid with shaddows from large trees). Euscorpius can also be found some places on the walls of stone buldings and fences. Foto: Jan Ove Rein, The Scorpion Files (C).

Crete has great weather, a wonderful people and a beatiful nature (with interesting scorpions), and I reccomend going there on holliday!

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José said...

Good job Morten !! and congratulations to the proud father.
Greetings from Brazil
José Grau