01 September, 2009

A new Centruroides from Mexico

Carlos Santibanez-Lopez and Javier Ponce-Saavedra have recently described a new Centruroides species from Mexico:

Centruroides serrano Santibanez-Lopez & Ponce-Saavedra, 2009 (Buthidae)

Centruroides serrano sp. nov. from the Sierra Juárez of Oaxaca (Villa Alta District) is described. This is the eleventh species of the genus reported from Oaxaca and the first one reported from this area. It occurs from 500 m to 1 500 m. It is compared to C. baergi Hoffmann, 1932, C. nigrovariatus Pocock, 1898 and C. hoffmanni Armas, 1996 due to its overall similarity. To separate these 4 species, a principal component analysis was conducted. A list of the species of this genus from Oaxaca is provided.

Santibanez-Lopez CE, Ponce-Saavedra J. A new species of Centruroides (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from the northern mountain range of Oaxaca, Mexico. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad. 2009;80:321-31.

Thanks to Carlos Eduardo Santibáñez López for sending me the paper!

Family Buthidae

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