04 May, 2009

A review of the scorpion fauna of The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean region has a large and interesting scorpion fauna with representatives both from Europe, Africa and Asia. Kaltsas, Stathi & Fet have now published an updated review of the scorpion fauna of this region.

The scorpiofauna of the Eastern Mediterranean region is presented. Taxonomy and distribution data of species are reviewed based on scientific literature until August 2008. We report the presence of 48 valid species in the area, belonging to four families and 16 genera. Examined material of nine buthid species collected from Egypt (including the Sinai Peninsula) and Libya is recorded. The current knowledge on taxonomy, chorotypic status, and origins of species, complexes, and genera in relation to their biogeography and phylogeny is also discussed.

Kaltsas D, Stathi I, Fet V. Scorpions of the Eastern Mediterranean. In: Makarov SE, Dimitrijevic RN, editors. Advances in arachnology and developmental biology - Papers dedicated to professor Bozidar Curcic. Vienna-Belgrade-Sofia 2008. p. 209-46.

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