16 January, 2009

New Oiclus species from the Lesser Antilles

Rolando Teruel (2008) has described a new species in the genus Oiclus from the island of Saint-Barthelemy (Lesser Antilles):

Oiclus questeli Teruel, 2008 (Scorpionidae)

This is the seccond species described for this previous monotypic, endemic genus from the Lesser Antilles.

The papers also discuss some topics on the taxonomy and distribution of the genus.

Teruel R. A new species of Oiclus Simon 1880 (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae: Diplocentrinae) from Saint-Barthelemy, Lesser Antilles. Boletin Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa. 2008(43):95-9. [Subscription required for fulltext for recent years, but free fulltext for older issues]

Family Scorpionidae

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