23 August, 2008

A new species in the genus Vachoniochactas from Colombia

A new species in the little known chactid genera Vachoniochactas has been described from Colombia, bringing the number of species in the genus up to four.

Vachoniochactas humboldti Florez, Botero-Trujillo & Acosta, 2008 [Chactidae]

This small scorpion (20-25 mm) is probably a leaf litter dweller.

The status of the genus is also discussed.

Florez E, Botero-Trujillo R, Acosta LE. Descritpion of Vachoniochactas humboldti sp. nov. from Colombia, with complementary notes on the genus (Scorpiones, Chactidae). Zootaxa. 2008(1853):31-44.

Family Chactidae

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