19 June, 2008

An updated edition of Manny Rubio's excellent scorpion book available

Manny Rubio's "Scorpions - Complete Pet Owner's Manual" has been one of the best scorpion books for non-professional scorpion enthusiasts and pet owners. Now an updated edition is available:

Rubio M. (2008)
Scorpions: everything about purchase, care, feeding, behavior, and breeding. 2. ed. New York: Barron's. ISBN 0-7641-3981-9

The new edition is filled with great pictures and information. Even though the book is mainly intended for scorpion pet owners, other scorpion enthusiasts will also benefit from the general information and pictures. The book has a special chapter on scorpion venom and envenomations. The manuscript has been reviewed by scorpion experts Kari McWest and Luc Ross (and in part by Eric Ythier and myself), and should be as correct as possible.

This is probably the best popular book on scorpions available at the moment.

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